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The art & science of lighting!
The art & science of lighting!

A lamp not lit for 92 years..

Lost Eugene O’Neill one act play is reborn!

Mark Maxwell of SicLights.com recently had the privilege and honor of being chosen as lighting designer for the first staging since 1920 of Eugene O’Neill’s lost one act play, Exorcism as part of a drama workshop.  

Theater goers lucky enough to attend the grand opening night at Saugarties Performing Arts Factory on Friday April 20th saw something very special indeed, (something most folks thought they'd never see in their lifetime.) No, the Cubs did not win the World Series, but close!

The performance was a lost one act play written by Eugene O’Neill the Pulitzer Prize winning American playwright  in 1919 titled Exorcism.  Not since 1920 when it was last performed by  the Provincetown Players in New York City during their spring season that year had an audience seen a staged performance of this play.  Soon after its initial run the author for somewhat unexplained reasons succeeded in destroying all copies of the work or so he thought.   A single facsimile of the work did survive in the possession of O'Neill's second wife Agness Boulton.  

Long story short the play was recently rediscovered and published in early 2012 by Yale University Press. Along comes Lou Spina (producer)  & Bruce Grund (director) having seen an article on the discovery in The New Yorker magazine they decided to produce the play for the S.P.A.F opening and history was made. The play was reborn after 92 years!

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Scene from dress rehearsal for Eugene O’Neill’s play Exorcism